Soda Bottle Sprinkler

by Ben N on June 30, 2012

The other day, it was over 100 degrees. My wife gets over-heated easily as is, and the little girl needed some fun.

We’ve been in a drought and the lawn was looking dry and yellow. What would really be handy is a lawn sprinkler to cool down with! But I didn’t have one!

Heading to my recycling bin (a good place to start on nearly any project) I spotted a 2-liter Coke bottle. Too bad the threads on a soda bottle don’t match up with the threads on a garden hose! Hmmmm…. what would? I noticed that I had a garden hose spigot kicking around. The back end of it is designed to thread right onto a 3/4″ pipe, and the nose goes right to a garden hose!

I threaded the Coke bottle into the end of the spigot, and a double-eneded hose to the front of it. (This is a special hose, with a female connectors on both ends.)

I punched three holes in the bottle with an awl, and turned on the water. Instant summer fun! The little girl loved splashing around in the Redneck Soda Bottle Sprinkler, and the “waste” water helped keep the grass from dying!

How would YOU build a soda bottle sprinkler? Let us know!

PS: A couple of days after I built this, the bottle came off the brass faucet. The threads on the faucet and the bottle are close to each other, but not exact. After some moving around of the sprinkler, it got jostled enough that it wrecked the threads on the end of the soda bottle. Soda bottles are made from a plastic that is typically blow-molded. Plastic is heated, and then puffed with air inside a mold to make the shape. That means that soda bottles are easy to shape after the fact.

I used a hair-dryer set to hot to heat the mouth of the soda bottle until it softened a bit. I then threaded the bottle into the spigot, and it went right in, perfectly forming to the threads. This time, the soda bottle went in much easier, threaded in deeper, and sealed better.

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Soda Bottle Sprinkler, Version 2 – now even simpler!
July 7, 2012 at 8:20 pm

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