No, this really is NOT an eco-friendly project recycling materials or creating renewable energy. It WAS a fun event, and I wanted to leave a small blog footprint of it somewhere, so here goes.

This weekend, we threw a PIE FIGHT for my brother in law. He had always thought it would be great to have one in the real world. As you know, pie fights happen almost exclusively in Three Stooges films, but never just happen to break out at a Bakers Square.

We arranged for it to be a surprise birthday event for him. Ahead of time, we prepared 2 gallons of vanilla pudding, a dozen of the large cans of whipped cream, and over 100 paper plates. We used construction scaffolding as an extra-long assembly-line table, and had another table off to the side to hold additional pies. Paper plates were uses, as they are light-weight, inexpensive, and less dangerous than aluminum pie tins. Also, you can decorate the BACK of paper plates to say things like “Splat”.

Once the birthday boy arrived, and had the chance to throw the first pie, all pie broke loose!

A good time was had by all.

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1 Kathy December 3, 2012 at 8:56 am

Awwww! Okay, that was cute and fun! Great idea!

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