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I’m sometimes asked what kind of projects I work on. Frankly, it’s hard to answer. I work on projects that interest me. Often they stretch my skill levels, learning a new tool or way of doing things. My projects often use recycled or salvaged parts and are often related to transportation, renewable energy and everyday practical uses. Many of my projects are fully documented on,, and a few other places on the internet. You can also see most of my projects on YouTube. Here’s a few photos to give you a sense of my projects.

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1 Gary Ronan July 9, 2014 at 1:59 am

Love the teardrop trailer Ben!
I would like to have one like it but I would not fit in It!
When I was A tike I lived in A trailer not much bigger that yours. It was 8′x20′. The dining room table (if you could call it that) folded into the wall when not in use. It was quite tight for 3 people even if one of them was A toddler. Well, I was A big kid!
When my brother was born my father bought A slightly bigger trailer. 12′x50′. Then A 14′x60′ Now we’re in the “Mobil home” category. I lived in it until I graduated H.S. so I take pride in being “trailer trash”
You might think after 15 year’s living in A glorified sardine can that I would never want to see one again but as I have had it with MN. winter’s I am looking for A nice 8×20 ft. Travel trailer to winter I down south somewhere warm.
I wonder what junk yard the old man towed that first one off to? Might be A nice fixer upper project!
Gary in Stacy.

2 Gary Ronan July 9, 2014 at 2:15 am

I see you beat Harley-Davidson to the punch with the electric motorcycle! Good going.
I’m an old Harley guy as is my brother and several cousins. I also have A BMW in the shed.
My father rode Indians but my mother made him give them up when my brother was born. I was around 8 when the last was sold. It was A 4 cylinder Ace. The old man had A great time racing the guy that lived in the trailer behind our’s, much to my mothers consternation! He had A ‘50 something HD Panhead dresser.
I would have been an Indian man but they were rare and expensive by the time I was 18 so I had to settle for A 1938 HD Knucklehead with A sidecar. The concessions one must make when young and poor!
Ride safe! Gary in Stacy.

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